Thanks to government’s initiatives to cut CO2 emission from 2017/18 and reduce congestion on our busy city streets, we now see more cargo bikes delivering goods across our wonderful cities and major towns.

‘Now, however, we have a huge opportunity: to transform the “last mile” into an
integrated, clean and sustainable delivery system, using zero-emission e-cargo bikes
and ultra low-emission electric vehicles
.’ Quote by:

Jesse Norman
Minister of State for Transport


The Last Mile – delivering goods more sustainably: government response

With this in mind and due to the fact that hiring professional bicycle mechanics is extremely hard due to various factors but mainly inadequate remuneration, CYCLEDELIK has been working extremely hard to pave the way not only for charging innovation see eBiketricity but also, setting up a franchise of highly trained and qualified cycle mechanics across the country to serve the needs of last mile delivery logistics companies.

With CYCLEDELIK’s franchise support in place, this minimises the detrimental effects staff (Cycle mechanics in this case) turnover has on last mile logistic businesses.

With a simple click, text or phone call to a dedicated hotline a specialist mechanic can be called out to wherever the cargo bike is to roadside assist or service.

Our ultimate aim to to cut cargo bike downtime to zero meaning that riders can concentrate on what they do best: Deliver parcels on time, safely and with confidence