Cycledelik Reliable Day and Night Roadside Assistance in action.

Cycledelik roadside assistance for last mile delivery trike

With CYCLEDELIK roadside assistance and breakdown plan setup for B2B
clients, it means that those costly recovery call outs from third parties are a
thing of the past.

Waiting times for a CYCLEDELIK call out can be anything between 15 minutes and up to 1 hour. This means that your delivery targets remain unaffected for the day.

Our priority is to keep our clients’ fleets on the road doing what they do best, last mile delivery all the time every time.

Here is a picture of a great example showing a relatively big tricycle being repaired on the spot so it can continue with its scheduled deliveries. With the drive train fixed, the trike is now ready to finish delivering.

To see if we can support your last mile delivery business, call our friendly team for an informal chat on 03331230500 or drop us an email via our contact page.


CYCLEDELIK impignorates cycle repair with a unique service.

Today we are proud to announce the long awaited B2B last mile delivery and logistics support service.

We have a strong and dedicated team making sure that call outs are dealt with swiftly to optimise your daily targets.

We are proud to provide certainty with each and every call out logged. Meaning that as a fleet manager you can worry less about a broken down vehicle and concentrate more on achieving targets.

Simply click, book and keep the assets rolling. Full audit trail and CRM systems to back the seamless service up.

So why not give us a call on 03331230500 or drop us an email using our contact page to findout more. Our friendly team are here to help.

CYCLEDELIK 24/7 Call out B2B support
CYCLEDELIK 24/7 Call out B2B support