Mobility solutions in 24/7 cities.

Why innovative businesses like CYCLEDELIK LIMITED are worth their weight in gold? Read on to findout more…

With the increasing traffic and congestion in cities and major towns, last mile delivery and logistics businesses such as DHL Supply Chain are discovering the benefits of cargobikes.

A brilliant example is the engineering and cargobike design award winners of international cargobike of the year 2023 EAV.

Having a trusted service and warranty provider from an manufacturing perspective means that cargobike users can get the job done.

A trusted warranty and service partner adds value to your cargobike brand furthermore it increases consumer confidence.

You need us at 6am on the outskirts of the city the next day for running repairs? Sure, simply use our online self service to book 24/7.

Problems with a stranded cargobike in the centre of town? No problem, we are happy to dispatch a mechanic immediately to your rider within the hour or sometimes less.

We have a proven track record in supporting big eBike brands since they moved into market back in 2010 such as Bosch Mobility ebikes and Shimano Europe Group  STEPS.

CYCLEDELIK has technical know how due to extensive engineering background in addition to years of experience in the cargobike industry.

After all CYCLEDELIK has been going since 2007.

We invented and manufactured eBiketricity and kept thousands of satisfied customers, riding safely and confidently on city streets.

What’s more, we support last mile delivery business clients with fleet maintenance and roadside assistance to make sure those important parcels are getting delivered.

To see if we can assist your business, get in touch either by calling our sales hotline on 03331230500 or by contacting us via our website


CYCLEDELIK impignorates cycle repair with a unique service.

Today we are proud to announce the long awaited B2B last mile delivery and logistics support service.

We have a strong and dedicated team making sure that call outs are dealt with swiftly to optimise your daily targets.

We are proud to provide certainty with each and every call out logged. Meaning that as a fleet manager you can worry less about a broken down vehicle and concentrate more on achieving targets.

Simply click, book and keep the assets rolling. Full audit trail and CRM systems to back the seamless service up.

So why not give us a call on 03331230500 or drop us an email using our contact page to findout more. Our friendly team are here to help.

CYCLEDELIK 24/7 Call out B2B support
CYCLEDELIK 24/7 Call out B2B support